Income Protection Cover

What’s it about?

Income Protection Cover is a policy that pays you a regular income if you can't work because of injury or illness.

How does it help me?

It helps meet your outgoings in the event you are unable to work. Could you still pay your mortgage, bills or other living expenses if you were unable to work?

How does it pay out?

On a monthly basis. It continues to pay out until you return to paid work or you retire (whichever is sooner).

How long does the cover last?

We'll discuss this with you so that it suits your circumstances.

Good to know

Insurance providers will not pay out if you are not honest or if you haven’t told the whole truth during application.

Always be clear about you and your family’s medical history, any pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous hobbies or a lifestyle that includes smoking, heavy drinking or drug taking.

For more information about Income Protection that would be right for your circumstances, speak to one of our qualified advisers - Freephone 0800 43 53 49 or fill in our online enquiry form.

Please note for these insurance products, terms and conditions apply. This information is a summary only. You will receive a full policy document upon application. This policy will set out the terms, conditions and limitations of cover provided under the plan.