Reviewing Your Life Insurance

Your circumstances will change over time and therefore the most suitable cover may also have changed. For example, you have had a child, you may now only have one income as oppose to two for whatever reason or you may have a new mortgage. 

You may also get a better deal in terms of what you are paying and what is included in your deal. Some of the providers include great extras in their policies such as a weekly Cafe Nero coffeehalf price gym memberships and access to the world’s best doctors

Life Insurance has changed over time - it isn't as expensive as you think. It could cost you from as little as 24p a day*

*Based on a non-smoker, aged 30, employed. Decreasing Term Assurance £6.80 per month (Mortgage Protection): 1st life, £150000 life cover, policy duration is 25 years, premiums are guaranteed, policy interest rate for cover 10%. The actual price will depend on your circumstances and underwrting.

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