Equity Release


What are the benefits?
If you’re based in the UK, aged 55 and older you could be eligible to release some of the money tied up in your home.

Equity release is a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme which allows you to access the equity (tax free cash) tied up in your home. A Lifetime mortgage is the most popular option, allowing you to take the money released as a lump sum. The loan is usually repaid from the sale of your home, following death or admission into long-term care. 

What are the benefits?
Equity Release has grown in popularity, with many people seeing the benefits. Modern lifetime mortgage plans are flexible and offer more options than in previous years.With a lot of lenders now offering varying Equity Release plans, rates are very competitive. You could use the money to live a more comfortable lifestyle, help family members, or take that once in a lifetime holiday.

We can guide you through any questions and concerns you or your family may have. With access to a panel of lenders, we can advise on the most appropriate lifetime mortgage for you and your family’s needs.


Am I eligible?

  • You must be aged 55 or over

  • You must be a UK resident, and your home must be in the UK


The amount of money you can release depends on your age, how much your house is worth and your health and lifestyle.

With a lifetime mortgage, generally, the older you are and the higher the value of your home, the more equity you can release. You could potentially release between 5 and 55% of the value of your home.


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For more information and if it is right for you and your family, speak to qualified expert Equity Release advisers at Lifetime Planning today about what options are available to you. 

This firm usually charges a fee for mortgage advice. The amount of fee will depend on your circumstances. This will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.

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An Equity Release product will reduce the value of your estate, will not be suitable for everyone and may affect your tax status and entitlement to state benefits. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration.

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